Inspired by Topaz and Free

I am a regular user of Topaz filters . I am also on their mailing list where this post has its root . With a chill in the air or at least in my neck of woods , the idea of free webinars about adding the finishing touches or more to my images sounds like a deal while keeping warm by the glow of my monitor.

Here is the link to your viewing pleasure

I still say Topaz is the best bang for buck filters out there .


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Inspiration from the Past & Present

In my recent Alien Skin newsletter, I discovered David Mecey and Beauty Portrait Tip . Here is the link

A long puppy , the link that is . The mention of Kodachrome 25 really caught my attention along with the result. Showing my experience , K25 brought back memories. Check it out

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Inspiration by way of Behind the Shutter

Not only inspiration with Behind the Shutter Magazine but You can also add to your photography skills as well. The best thing it is free , as We all know free is good. Of course , You can not escape the ads like any other edition.The other treat are the videos which are part of the articles. [ very cool ].So save a tree. My nugget from the June issue was the use of ND filters  for portrait photography so Bokeh could be realized adding depth to the portrait.

Here is the link 

Ckeck it out .

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Inspiration by the way of Horse & Bobbie Goodrich

I am on the Alien Skin software  news letter feed  , I just love what Bobby Goodrich does in the digital darkroom as she says in the blog which I pasted the link She really brings these horses to life even in a snow storm. I am also a big lover her Black & White treatment which makes You focus.


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Inspiration by the way of Onone software

I am on the Onone Software newsletter which is on going with news about other photographers using their software. Here is a link to Professional Workflow with Michael Corsentino

Micheal has the credits and the skills You will see in the video. There are freebies to be had at the Oneone site with presets for Lightroom and Camera raw. 
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Inspiration by way of Wave Photography

Just like You I get email from different advertisers , here is a link to a photographer David Orias who has captured some real colourful eye catching images of waves . Here the link from the Topaz newsletter where Davis was one of the photographers featured ,

      The combination of the colour and the blur make for out standing images for any wall. It also nice to read how he does his photography


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Step by Step Art

The real fun of photography and the process that follows these days is where the phrase truth in advertising is put to the test . The finished scene here started with a Cloud scene of mine . that is where CS or Photoshop can take over to bring the Clouds and water plus the  Blue Moon together where I could position the elements the way I liked.  ImageImageImageImage

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